Fun with Words No. 11

Today, something a little different. The following is a word unique to Welfy Q. Deederhoth: Meat Purveyor, World Savior. Those of you who’ve read Welfy should have an easy time identifying the correct definition. Woe to all others! As always, I’ll post the correct definition tomorrow.

Marmadillion (MAR-muh-DILL-yun):

a) a type of sandwich invented by the owner of Gramercy Deli in New York City, the establishment where Welfy, a homeless runaway from foster care, finds his destiny (noun). The sandwich consists of marshmallows (marma), dill, and sliced onion (ion), and is usually prepared with rye bread.

b) Brundeedle-speak (the Brundeedles are a suffering alien species in Welfy) for a million billion gazillion (adjective). An example of usage: “I have a marmadillion globulators!”

c) a cute, furry creature that is approximately the size of a squirrel until it gets riled, at which point it puffs itself up to surprisingly beastly proportions, with hideous claws and teeth and a hide of dagger-like bristles (noun).

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