Fun with Words No. 1

Every Tuesday. The task is simple: choose the correct definition of the weekly word from those provided below. Correct answers posted every Wednesday.

If you happen to know the correct definition, parade around, lording your knowledge over friends and family. If not, please try to refrain from looking up the proper definition. The “wrong” definitions might slightly amuse you.

If you would like to write your own definition of the weekly word–do! Email it to me. Language is ever in flux, after all, and one day we might get your definition to be the right one.


a)     a beast common in Irish folk tales feared for its delight in snatching infants from their beds (noun).

b)    a rumbling sound made by the movement of gas in the intestine (noun).

c)     an extraordinarily hairy person, most often seen in the northwest United States (noun).

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