Brundeedle language is code!

Certain readers have been asking why the Brundeedle characters have names like Ffff, Nnnn and the like. The short answer: I think they’re funny. However, when it came to the Brundeedle language, I didn’t want to just make up nonsense. I’m a writer, not an inventor of languages, so I thought about what I could do to add a layer of fun to the alien dialogue. I decided to create a translatable code—something that, for readers who are interested and curious (two attributes I love in all people, not only readers), could be deciphered.

As I explain in a Decode Brundeedle! note at the end of the second paperback edition:

“The Brundeedle language has many letters in common with English and may be translated into the latter with some perseverance on the part of would-be translators.”

In addition, when the Brundeedles speak to one another in the book, the enterprising reader may well be able to use that dialogue to discover the key. If you happen to translate any of it, email it to me via the Contact area of this website, or mail it to me at:

Eric Laster, c/o Opsimath Press, P.O. Box 251695, Glendale, CA 91225.

For your efforts, you will be celebrated on this website, and I’ll send you a reply that includes a reward for your translation skills.

Happy translating,


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